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October 24 1600

1600. október 24.

A lécfalvi országgyűlés az udvarhelyi vár újjáépítésére kötelezi a közszékelyeket.
July 17 1603

1603. 17th of July

Székely Mózes, the only szekler origin prince of Transylvania, has lost his life in a battle near Brassó.
January 1 1606


Association of furriers’ and tailors’ guild, in Udvarhely.
January 1 1610


A besztercei országgyűlés kiutasítja a „pápás papokat” Udvarhelyről.
June 1 1611

1611 summer

Due to war-period, citizens of Udvarhely are living in the castle.
January 1 1612


With the help of Udvarhely-Seat captain, Gergely Némethi, the protestants occupy the parish church on Mount St. Nicholas, from catholics.
January 1 1613


Locksmith – swordsmith guild is formed in Udvarhely. Imre Szopos is the judge of the town.
February 11 1613

1613. 11th of February

Gábor Báthori warned the inhabitants of Udvarhely priest position, “not to bring a papal priest” in the vacating priest position, but to receive a reformed preacher.
June 15 1613

1613. 15th of June

The masters of pottery gained a charter from prince Gábor Báthori.
October 1 1613

1613. October

The townspeople and many of Udvarhely-Seat inhabitants flee to the castle from tatars. A part of the Botos Street (Kossuth Street today) lays in ashes due to carelessness.
January 1 1614


Gábor Bethlen orders to not permit any Catholic priest or munk to baptize, bury, confess, celebrate mass, or to perform any other ceremony.
January 1 1620

1620. January

Survey (inventory) about the state of Udvarhely Castle.
August 21 1620

1620. 21st of August

István Bethlen, governor of Transylvania, instructs the officers of Udvarhely-Seat to keep the town in its rights.
January 13 1623

1623. 13th of January

Prince Gábor Bethlen, in his privilege letter to Udvarhely, commits the nobles and serfs living in town, to wear all the public burden together with the citizens. The officers of Udvarhely-Seat are not permitted to have a participation from the market Citizens to be judged by city judges and jurors.
November 28 1628

1628. november 28.

The mixed furrier – tailor guild ceased. Gabor Bethlen, prince of Transylvania, donates a regulation to furriers.
January 1 1630


Catherine Brandenburg sends a commission to Udvarhely and orders the built of a church and a parsonage for protestants. Guild of butchers is established in Udvarhely. Lukács Fogarasi is the judge of town.
June 1 1633

1633 summer

The protestant church is finished and the church on mount Szent Miklós is returned to catholics. György Szabó is the judge of the town.
March 28 1646

1646. 28th of March

The catholics and protestants of the town come to an agreement: the judge of the town will be yearly elected, alternatively by the two communities; half of the town council will be catholic and the other half protestant; both communities will benefit equally from local incomes.
January 1 1652


The Jesuits, who returned to town, re-open the school they founded.
October 1 1661

1661. October

During the vengeance campaign of Ali pasha, the turkish-tatar troops are rubbing- and burning down the town. Castle of Udvarhely, the protestant and catholic churches and the Jesus chapel were destroyed.