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Youth- and Tourism Information and Consulting Office of Székelyudvarhely–SZINFOTOUR

The purpose of thi soffice is to provide information for tourists about the city and the surrounding area, highlighting local sights, historical and cultural past, tourist opportunities.

Office history:

1999 – 2000The Tourinfo office was created and opened from a successful PHARE application. Applicant: Mayor’s Office of Székelyudvarhely.

  • Website –
  • Exhibition of local artists at the Tourinfo office
  • As an exhibitor, we participate on the international fair of tourism

2001 – A conference on tourism,  organized in Székelyudvarhely

  • Old flavors in a new pot – a book was published, with recipes in two languages (Hungarian and English)

2003 –An international fair of tourism ,organized in Székelyudvarhely under the title: Leisure Travel

2004 – Change of office location (Mayor’s Office building)

2005 – The office becomes a legally independent institution, called SZINFOTOUR-Youth- and Tourism Information and Consulting Office of Székelyudvarhely

2006– Change of office location (MártonÁron Square, nr. 6)

2007 –TheTourist Guide published  in three languages (Hungarian, Romanian, English)

2008 –The Tourist Guide published  in four languages (Hungarian, Romanian, English, German)

2011 –Guardsman-coins of  Székelyudvarhely, a silver-plated zamak casting coin – the office’s own product

2012 Change of office location (Bethlen Gábor Street, nr. 43)

2013 – An Information Point is created, next to Memorial Park

2016 Change of office location (Kossuth Lajos Street, nr. 42)

2017 – Publication of a book, entitled A Drop of History, edited by Árpád Balázs

  • Launch of Legendary Hostels program
  • The Szinfo website has been renewed –

2018 Change of office location (Kossuth Lajos Street, nr. 20)

  • The Szinfo website has been renewed –
  • Permanent exhibition of local artists, in the building

2019 –A study tour organized for representatives of travel agencies from Hungary and Slovakia

  • Compiling tour- routes, organizing thematic tours
  • Preparing the timeline of Székelyudvarhely in the framework of cooperation with local historian János Mihály
  • continuous promotion of Travel2U voice guide
  • joint games with local entrepreneurs, promotion of catering units on the office’s community site
  • guide of groups in the city center
  • exhibition – participation on the Székelyudvarhely Autumn Fair

      2020 – Starting the virtual tour of Székelyudvarhely (Udvarhely360)

  • Thematic online tours in the area
  • Attendance in Budapest Travel Exhibition – organizing a study tour (HU-AU)
  • Co-organizing a trip, carried out for a group of Romanian influencers, who were visiting and promoting the sights and programs of Udvarhelyszék
  • Placement of bus parking signs at the three entrances of the city, introductory signs at the parking lots and the tourist landing
  • Exchange of information arrows in the city center
  • “Spice” short films, to promote local businesses
  • Organizing thematic city tours (Trianon 100)
  • Joint games with local entrepreneurs, promotion of catering units on the office’s community site
  • Tourinfo is twenty years old – a retrospective short film, summary, report
  • A graphic map of OdorheiuSecuiesc was created (by Albert Kelemen)

2021 – Map placement in the city center

  • Placing an information board in the city center
  • Organizing thematic walk-tours in the city (Trianon 101, Balázs Orbán has returned home!, History of the former Budapest-Bucharest hotel)
  • Announcement of a program, called: Become an ambassador of Székelyudvarhely!
  • Drawing Orbán Balázs on behalf of the office ( work of Albert Kelemen)